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Travel to areas around the country rarely seen on television. Outside with Greg Aiello is an adventure-travel show that explores America’s national parks, scenic wonders and urban flipsides beyond the crowds and popular tourist stops.

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“Can’t wait for the new show! Outside with Greg Aiello.” Ernest Walker

“Thank you for broadcasting “Outside with Greg Aiello.” I loved Motion and cannot wait for Outside to start! I know it will be a fantastic series, and I’ll be glad to tell other fans to check it out! Yea for PBS! Janet Bradshaw

“Doing a major happy dance, but glad you can’t see me. -lol A huge heartfelt thanks for bringing us Outside with Greg Aiello and can not wait for everyone else to see why i am so excited…one look and they will be hooked!” Neenah SpellPerson

“Heard ValleyPBS is bringing “Outside with Greg Aiello” to air. If you haven’t seen Greg’s previous show ‘Motion’ you’re in for a treat. Great host, information and practical outdoors advice. I have family in Cali, so visit regularly and nice to have new destinations. He get’s me really excited about visiting California’s hidden gems. Go Greg!” Doug Little

“Eager to see Outside with Greg Aiello! All us Motion fans will be joined by thousands of new fans I’m sure.” Stephen Klotz

“Outside with Greg Aiello? This can’t happen soon enough…I can’t wait!!! Thank you ValleyPBS!” Rick Smith

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