On this episode of Valley’s Gold, host Ryan Jacobsen goes nuts while exploring the local walnut, pistachio and almond industries.

Michael MiyaHanford, CA grower Michael Miya of Miya Farms, Inc., takes Ryan on an extensive tour of his 60-year-old walnut orchards and really “shakes it up!”

Michael and Ryan then stop at the Miya pistachio trees just before and during the harvest.

Miya Family

Matt Andrew of ATB Growers in Madera County shows Ryan an abundance of almonds ready to head to the processing facility and Joel Perkins of Harris Woolf Almonds in Five Points gives Ryan an extensive tour of this state-of-the-art facility.

Naturally, Ryan is ready to sample some of the Valley’s finest nuts and Barbara Schaad and Kimberly Ambrosini of Schaad Family Almonds in Kerman are happy to showcase their tasty specialty snacks and customized baskets.

[blockquote]No matter how you crack it, these nutty treats are all a part of our Valley’s Gold![/blockquote]

In A Nutshell  

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