Outside with Greg Aiello

Travel to areas around the country rarely seen on television. Outside with Greg Aiello is a new adventure-travel show that explores America’s national parks, scenic wonders and urban flipsides beyond the crowds and popular tourist stops.


EPISODE 1: Yosemite Fall Colors

Greg explores one of America’s busiest National Parks at a time of year when the crowds thin out and fall colors explode. Discover a different side of Yosemite National Park with some hiking secrets that will show you new areas of Yosemite Valley that are easy to access and will give you a whole new perspective on this national treasure, off the beaten path.

EPISODE 2: Backpacking in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most densely populated cities in America but a new trail system allows urban adventure right in the middle of it all. Greg sets out on The Bay Trail leaving from Fisherman’s Wharf, hiking across the Golden Gate Bridge and camps overnight in the rugged Marin Headlands.

EPISODE 3: Big Sur Beyond The Drive

Highway 1 along the Big Sur coast of California is considered one of the most scenic drives in the world but most people stay in their cars and miss the hidden outdoor gems right off the road. Greg guides an adventure south of Monterey along the twisting route and reveals several amazing destinations most people drive right on by.

EPISODE 4: Outside with Greg Aiello: Nepal

Greg and two close friends travel to Nepal to cross-off a bucket list dream of hiking to Mount Everest base camp. After exploring the exotic culture of Katmandu, Greg begins his trek into the highest rugged mountains of the Himalaya. But a chance meeting with a Sherpa monk changes everything. This special, one-hour episode will change your idea of what Mount Everest and the Himalaya are forever.

EPISODE 5: Outside with Greg Aiello: Patagonia

It’s considered one of the world’s top trekking destinations and for years has been on Greg’s bucket list…Patagonia in southern Chile. Greg and the crew set out on a 15-day odyssey to explore Torres del Paine National Park to hike the rugged and remote “O” circuit trek. A place where glaciers meet dense rain forests and majestic peaks touch the sky, this is an adventure that will take you into the true heart of Patagonia.

EPISODE 6: Outside with Greg Aiello: Pledge Special

Learn about what goes into creating Outside with Greg Aiello and see some extra bonus footage during this special pledge edition of the program filmed at the ValleyPBS studios.

EPISODE 7: Outside with Greg Aiello: The Majestic Mountain Loop

Central California is home to three of America’s top national parks. Greg shows you how to explore Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks in three days along a route known as the Majestic Mountain Loop. From groves of towering Redwoods, to roaring river and the stunning cliffs of Yosemite Valley, this road-trip packs it all in.

EPISODE 8: Outside with Greg Aiello: Bike Packing

Backpacking is one of America’s favorite outside activities but Greg shows you a new way to combine the sport with another popular pastime. New technology in mountain-biking has created a whole new sport called “Bike Packing”. Greg and Kelsey load up their new rides for a multi-day adventure through the Sierra Nevada mountains, with everything they need to live and play right on their bikes.

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