Parent Testimonials

They are such great workshops that even my husband is getting involved. This means so much to us, you have no idea. Thank you. Calwa Elementary
I love these workshops; they have provided so much wonderful information that has helped our whole family. Susan B. Anthony Elementary
This program has impacted my children greatly because now they know that their mom cares about their education and is getting extremely involved. Calwa Elementary
I noticed that my kids get home eager to know what I’ve learned in my class. They get excited to do the projects and read together. Calwa Elementary
These programs are super educational. It has helped us as mothers to be able to help more in our children’s lives. Greenberg Elementary
I have enjoyed spending time with my children, teaching them what I have learned, and bonding with them. Kirk Elementary
The ‘Ready to Learn’ workshops have helped me and my daughter, get closer, and have encouraged her to read more. Greenberg Elementary


Ready to Learn is an empowering and effective parent workshop series that provides the background knowledge, skills and materials needed for parents to effectively teach fundamental literacy, math and social skills to their children, in a fun and enjoyable way. We believe every parent is capable of stepping into the role of being their child’s first and most important teacher.


99.7% of parents who attend our workshops would recommend them to others

ValleyPBS conducts more than 250 parent workshops throughout the Central Valley each year.

Parents who participate in workshops report observing improved attitudes toward reading and math in their children.




Number sense and operations

Basics of geometry/2D & 3D shapes

Working with currency

Measurement (non-standard units)

Memorizing math facts and math terminology

Language Arts


Identifying key details of a story

Order of events/cause and effect

Identifying the main idea of a story

Grammar conventions – building a complete sentence

Building vocabulary + prepositions and adjectives

Socio-Emotional Skills


Friendship, bullies and kindness

Manners and respect

Healthy habits for life

Culture and diversity

Dealing with feelings

Coping in tight times


Fresno Unified

Aynesworth (Bilingual) – Tuesday Mornings
Powers (Bilingual) – Tuesday Mornings
Anthony (Bilingual) – Wednesday Mornings
Ayer (Bilingual) – Wednesday Mornings
Starr Elementary (Bilingual) – Wednesday Mornings
Calwa (Bilingual) – Thursday Mornings
Greenberg (Bilingual) – Thursday Mornings
Hidalgo (Bilingual) – Thursday Mornings
Jackson (Bilingual) – Thursday Mornings
Bakman (Bilingual) – Friday Mornings
Leavenworth (Bilingual) – Friday Mornings

Madera Unified

Nishimoto (Spanish) – Tuesday Evenings
Chavez (Spanish) – Wednesday Mornings
Washington (Spanish) – Thursday Mornings
Sierra Vista (Spanish) – Friday Mornings

Central Unified

Teague (Bilingual) – Wednesday Mornings

Rural Schools

Tranquility (Bilingual) – Tuesday Mornings
West Side Elementary (Spanish) – COMING SOON!
Stratford Primary (Bilingual) – COMING SOON!


1544 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno CA 93721

(559) 266-1800 ext. 170
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Fresno Unified – all elementary campuses, Central Unified – Tilley, Madison, Herndon Barstow, Liddell, River Bluff, Saroyan, Steinbeck and Teague, Washington Unified – American Union and West Fresno, West Park Elementary School, Selma Unified – Indianola Elem, Sanger Unified – Jefferson Elem, Fowler Unified – Marshall and Malaga, Firebaugh Las-Deltas Unified – Bailey Elementary, EOC Headstart – Annual all-staff inservice, First 5 Fresno – B3 Schools, First 5 Tulare – Visalia USD, Fresno County Public Library – Sunnyside community, Kings Canyon Unified – Washington and Lincoln, FCOE – Teen Parent Program, Madera Unified – Chavez, Washington, Sierra Vista, Nishimoto, Monroe and Millview, Tranquility Elementary, West Side Elementary and Stratford Primary.

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