Cracked Greek Olives Cypriot Style










Pick olives when they are green and firm before they start to turn.

Crack each olive with the back of a small frying pan, rock, hammer, block of wood or any other device that will crack the olive and not the pit.

Immerse the cracked olives with water in a plastic (non-corrosive) container. Place a lid to keep the olives submerged or they will discolor.

Change the water daily for at least 20 days depending on the olives and how bitter they are. Taste and continue to change the water if they are too bitter.

When ready, place the olives in a brine (heavy salt solution) about 3/4 cup of salt to 2 quarts of water.

To store, place olives with brine in jars/ Place lemon slices and a grape leaf on top to keep the olives submerged. Can be stored in cool place or the refrigerator.

To serve, wash olives or you can soak them overnight to remove excess salt according to your taste. Add garlic, lemon juice. cracked coriander seeds and olive oil to the olives and enjoy. Refrigerate after condiments have been added.

Credit to UC Master Gardener Marie Antoniou