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San Joaquin Valley Residents, you now have a unique way to support the shows you value on ValleyPBS through our Farm Equipment Donation Program. The fields of our Valley have been known as the most productive in the world for more than a century. From the Fresno Scraper to the revolutionary Old Red, our region has always been at the forefront of agricultural innovation. However, growers have had few viable options to deal with machinery once its prime is past.

In response to this need, ValleyPBS has created the Farm Equipment Donation Program. This simple, environmentally-friendly opportunity offers farmers the ability to partner with ValleyPBS by contributing their used machinery. In addition, your used vehicles - cars, trucks, vans, RVs, boats with trailers, motorcycles and even jet skis - can turn into a donation to ValleyPBS. Best of all, ValleyPBS will usually be able to arrange to have your items picked up for you.

Benefits include:
  clean, green solution to resolve out-dated equipment issue
  tax-credit to equipment owner following sale of items
  support of quality. educational programming on ValleyPBS    
  donor recognition on ValleyPBS, on-air and on our web-site

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