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Community Ambassador/Advisory Board

The ValleyPBS Community Ambassador/Advisory Board (CAB) helps make ValleyPBS the best it can be. Members of the CAB are viewers who watch and care about ValleyPBS and who act as ’eyes and ears’ for the station. They advise ValleyPBS and extend its value to the community.

Advisory Panel

The basic nature of the CAB is established by a federal law that says a public television station’s advisory group should:

Review programming goals established by the station
Review station services to the community
Review significant policy decisions rendered by the station
Advise the station’s Board of Directors and staff with respect to whether the programming and policies of the station meet the   educational and cultural needs of the communities served and make such recommendations as the group considers appropriate   to meet such needs.

To these ends, CAB members will:

Talk with people in their respective communities to draw out comments about programs and services
Review staff’s informational materials and demonstrations of DTV
Review and evaluate program submissions from independent producers.
Provide feedback on local productions.

Beyond Advice to Action

Above and beyond the duties required by law, CAB members also act as ambassadors for the station, each using their own unique talents and experience to further ValleyPBS goals. Members are asked to be active participants in a number of ways:

Contact elected officials and other decision-makers about legislation and matters important to ValleyPBS

Participate in events sponsored by ValleyPBS
Assist in prospecting major donors to the station, in particular to the Destination DTV capital campaign
Suggest prospects for program underwriting
Research and arrange local appearances for ValleyPBS staff
Conduct research projects

Job Description

CAB members are asked to:

Participate in quarterly meetings
Work on at least one project per year
Understand that the CAB’s role in programming and services is advisory

(By federal statute, CAB members may not exercise control over the daily management or operation of the station. The Board of Directors of ValleyPBS, Inc. holds the station?s broadcast license and have all the financial and policy-making responsibilities that entails.)

Profile of a CAB Member

Watches and cares about ValleyPBS
Has shown an interest in the station by being a member, volunteering time, helping with projects, or otherwise being involved in   a positive manner.
Helps represent the diverse needs and interests of communities served by ValleyPBS.
Is willing to be visible in his/her own community as a representative of ValleyPBS and talk with people to gather comments and    ideas about programming and services.


CAB bylaws call for 15 representatives from the various communities and cultures served by ValleyPBS. Each member is elected for a four-year term and may serve two terms on the Board.

Community Advisory Board meetings are held at the ValleyPBS Studios on the 2nd Tuesday of January, April, July, and October at 6:30pm. ValleyPBS Community Advisory Board meetings are open to the public.

For More Information

Contact (559) 266-1800 or email us.


Current CAB Members

Allison, Michelle W.

Alexander, Deborah

Apodaca, Armondo

Ellis, Thomas- Whit

Farber, Murray

Miller, Loretta

Morris, Doug

Ortiz, Martha - Secretary

Pierce-Malcher, Kara - Vice Chair

Riley, Carol - Chair

Smart, William

Tucker, Linda

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